EnerGea’s STEM Club is the first STEM Club in Bolivia, aimed for children from 6 to 12 years old, working since 2016 to build several skills very much needed for the future.

STEM is the acronym used for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM areas are considered vital for the future and key for innovation and job creation. These skills foster systems thinking and the application of STEM concepts to solve everyday life problems, creative solution design, engineering thinking and teamwork. We teach the importance of tolerance and intercultural tolerance and work.

In a periodic manner the kids in our program interact with kids of STEM Clubs in other parts of the world, helping getting to know how is life in other countries and interchanging ideas and thoughts.

We execute this program periodically in foster homes, schools and other places, to broadcast STEAM Education and help discover and grow the talents of our kids.

Currently we are in a raisefunding campaign to give this program in Aldeas Infantiles SOS in La Paz (SOS Children’s Villages) during the last months of 2018. 

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