Bombillos LED
 TesLed Bulbs

Our product line for household use TesLed Home, has been designed to solve energy consumption troubles in households maintaining the warmth of the home. With our LED Bulbs you will save noticeable in electricity consumption, without having less light.

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This product line is an application of LED technology and has all its advantages and benefits, most notably:

  1. They contain no Mercury or other toxic substances.
  2. Less energy consumption.
  3. Long lifetime.

The major technical characteristics of the standard TesLed bulb are the following:

Flujo Luminoso
Luminous Flux
1055 lumens
Temperatura de Color
Color temperature
3000°K (Warm White, 6500°K (Cold White)
Color Rendering Index
>80 (Reproduces colors accurately)
220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
Dimensiones Foco
Socket and Dimensions
Height: 12 cm, diameter 6 cm, E27 socket

Currently we offer this TesLed bulb in two tones: Warm White and Cold White. You can learn more about this difference here and here.

  • Warm White.


Foco TesLed de Luz CalidaTesLed Hogar - Blanco Calido
  • Cold White.
Foco TesLed Luz Blanco FrioTesLed Hogar - Blanco Frío

Our LED bulbs contain no mercury, are environment friendly. They save around 50% of energy in comparison to a fluorescent bulb that emits the same amount of light.