EnerGea is a legally constituted social enterprise started by bolivian professionals that want the development of their country.



To foster engineering and technological innovation in the country, by conducting research, development and application of technologies related to energy efficiency and renewable energies, for the provision of services and/or products of added value, with positive social and environmental impact.


EnerGea is the national top-of-mind entity regarding idea, products and services generation related to energy efficiency, implements technologies that improve people’s quality of life, generates jobs, helps towards the technological development of the country and contributes to the environmental sustainability.



In EnerGea we believe…

  • In the social enterprise, that shows good results in the social, environmental and economic aspects. Our promise is to reinvest the revenue to increase the impact of the enterprise.
  • That technology must benefit the people and improve their quality of life in a sustainable way and with minimal impact on the environment.
  • In the ability of bolivian people to contribute to the integral development of our country.
  • In the value of the environment. This is why we are committed to perform activities that raise awareness and educate people regarding the conscious use of the resources given to us by nature.
  • In the value of research and development, in fostering the national industry.